Content Creators

We are actively seeking quality web series and independent films to be shown on GoFlow Streaming TV.

Are you an independent (or established) Content Creator, Producer or Distributor? Interested in having your work featured in our growing selection of streaming video content? We’d like to talk.

There are many online venues for independent Content Creators. This is one of them. We take pride on sharing our revenues with our content providers. It’s a simple share of subscriber revenues based on viewing metrics – no up front payments, no negotiations for preferred deals – everyone gets the same agreement, a clear and simple contract to share GoFlow’s revenues with our content providers based on metrics for minutes viewed. As simple as that.

Looking for a broadcaster who will offer written support as a promised venue to trigger necessary funding for your project? Maybe we can be of help. Let’s talk.

As GoFlow TV grows and evolves we will continue to search for ways to engage with Content Creators, providing a venue for their work to be seen, audiences to be found and support for the continuing efforts of this independent creative community.

Acquisitions & Content Development
contact @ goflow . tv

Please do NOT send files via email. Provide links only to your content.